The Diversity Manifesto

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    There's articles abound, so I'll just link the HN post.

    My two cents: if you take the remarks about women out of the memo, he's got some valid points. Google does ostracize conservative viewpoints. Watching Directors and VPs telling people they won't welcome those people on their teams or that conservatives don't have souls is quite frankly ... disgusting. The people threatening Damore with death threats are equally bad, if not worse. Damore's job can't be saved, but I honestly hope those folks I listed have the same fate (termination of employment). Leakers also deserve a prompt canning.

    After the pot settles, Google honestly should look at why it has such a hard time tolerating conservative views. Is it because upper management can't? Maybe that's something that needs resolving. Don't get me wrong. They can run the company how they wish; however, they can't call themselves inclusive and say people bring their "whole selves" to work when we purposefully try to squelch and squash views we don't like. Group think is toxic and often runs abound and without limit in Silicon Valley. Maybe it's time that changed.

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