What shows are you watching?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by JC Denton, Sep 1, 2018.

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    For me, I just revisited HBO's Oz. I first watched the show on DVD from Netflix back in 2010. The series, based around life in a maximum security prison, originally wrapped in 2003. It was free to watch on Prime, so I binged through the series. Gory and brutal, but strangely compelling all at the same time. Definitely worth watching an episode or two to see if you get the itch for it.

    Next on the plate will probably be catching up on Game of Thrones. I'm a couple seasons behind. Totally my fault too. I'm very picky about viewing "new" content. The setting has to be just right. No distractions, the perfect snack, and of course, time to watch a few episodes back to back. There's other stuff in my Netflix queue as well, but I fear it's gotten so deep I'm not sure I'll ever fully clear it. Just think about it for a minute: Netflix's content used to be so little that I could actually clear my queue from time to time. The times sure have changed, haven't they?

    So, Bluechill - what are you watching these days?

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