Welcome to BlueChill.net


Hello and welcome to BlueChill!

What is BlueChill?

BlueChill is a forum community spearheaded by myself and @JC Denton. We have been running online communities for more than a decade together, primarily small IRC networks of friends. As more and more of the internet becomes siloed into massive centers of communities and content (Facebook, Reddit, Youtube, etc) the small independent communities are rapidly disappearing. We miss the internet message boards of the 2000s and the culture that grows around them. Every community is different. We want to create an environment that can truly bring back the fun of participating in an online community.

How does this work?

BlueChill is supposed to be an online message board community that exists for the users and community that grows around it. While @JC Denton and myself grew up on a variety of message boards that were focused on technology, hardware, and gaming, we do not have a specific focus in mind for BlueChill. We have decided to start small and simple: A General forum, and a Computers and Technology forum. Threads of any topic are welcome and as interest in specific topics develops we plan to create forums that focus on those topics.

Who is this for?

Anyone is welcome here! You are welcome! We want this community to grow organically. Sign up for an account, read some posts, and jump in to participate! Bring your friends and tell others. Invite your WoW guild, your CS:GO clan, your friends, anyone.